cPanel file manager – show hidden files

The cPanel File Manager is a built-in tool that allows you to manage files and directories on your web hosting account directly from your web browser. In this Blog, I’m trying to show you how to show hidden files in Godaddy cpanel.
(.htaccess, php.ini, and others )

How to use the cPanel File Manager

Here’s a brief overview of how to use the cPanel File Manager:

Quick Steps:

Step 1.

Log into cPanel & click “File Manager” under the files panel

cPanel file manager
Step 2.

When you click file manager then a popup will be shown and there is an option to show hidden files. click there and then click go.

Step 3:

If you can not get a popup when clicking file manager, don’t worry you can go to the top in the menu bar of your page and there is a menu item name setting, then, reset the page setting. Then click again File Manager you will see the popup window.

Solve your problem. Enjoy


Having problem? You can see this Video:


Remember to be cautious when making changes to your files, especially if you are not familiar with the impact of those changes on your website. Always back up important files before making any modifications.

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