How to show a sidebar on a specific post

To show a sidebar on a specific post, edit the post and select the desired sidebar option in the layout settings. Make sure your theme supports individual post sidebar customization.

Crafting your WordPress site to perfection involves detailed attention to each page’s layout. Achieving a unique look for a particular post can be crucial for maintaining visitor engagement and enhancing user experience. One such design element is the sidebar, a versatile tool that can provide additional content, navigation, or contact information pertinent to the post.

Most themes offer straightforward options to toggle sidebars on and off, ensuring every post is tailored to meet both the visual and content needs of your audience. Consistent and relevant sidebar content can improve the overall feel of your website, increase time on site, and potentially aid in better search engine rankings. Remember, a well-considered sidebar can make a significant impact on your content strategy.

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Show sidebar on a specific post


Show sidebar on a specific post


Frequently Asked Questions On Show A Sidebar On A Specific Post

How Do I Add A Sidebar To A Post?

To add a sidebar to a post, navigate to your theme’s customization options in the dashboard. Locate the “Widgets” or “Sidebar” section and select your preferred sidebar. Drag and drop desired widgets to it and save your changes.

How Do I Show A Sidebar On A Specific Page In WordPress?

To display a sidebar on a specific WordPress page, navigate to ‘Appearance’ and click ‘Widgets. ‘ Drag desired widgets to your chosen sidebar area. Next, go to ‘Appearance’ > ‘Customize’ to assign the sidebar to a particular page through ‘Widgets’ or ‘Homepage Settings’ options.

How Do I Add A Sidebar To One Page In WordPress?

To add a sidebar to a single page in WordPress, go to the page editor, choose the page template with a sidebar, or use a plugin like “Custom Sidebars” to create and assign a sidebar. Save your changes once done.

How Do I Add A Different Sidebar To Another Page In WordPress?

To add a different sidebar to a page in WordPress, select the page, then choose a custom sidebar from the ‘Page Attributes’ or theme-specific options. Install a sidebar plugin if your theme lacks this feature.


Optimizing your blog with a sidebar can significantly enhance user experience and navigation. With the steps outlined in this post, you can seamlessly display a sidebar on select posts, tailoring your layout to match your content strategy. Embrace these customizations and observe the positive impact on your site’s engagement and readability.

Remember, a thoughtful design invites longer visits and deeper exploration.

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