How to set a blog page as the home page in Showit

To set a blog page as the home page in Showit, navigate to the Site Settings and select the blog page as your ‘Home Page’. Ensure your page is published for the changes to take effect.

Creating an inviting and functional homepage for your website is crucial for engaging visitors. Showit offers a user-friendly platform tailored for designers and bloggers who seek to make a powerful visual impact. A blog-focused homepage can quickly draw readers into your world of content, offering them a taste of your messaging and style right from the start.

Whether you’re a creative, a marketer, or an entrepreneur, Showit gives you the control to prioritize your blog content and make it the centerpiece of your online presence. Getting your blog page set as the home page is a straightforward process that can lead to increased readership and a stronger connection with your audience.

To add a video to the Showit website, embed the video using the ‘Embed Code’ element. Place the video’s embed code within this element in your Showit interface. Learn more…

Step 1: Create A New Page

To create a new page on Showit, first select a template that fits your style. Once chosen, you’ll need to give your page a title. Make it clear and descriptive. Next, ensure you set the page type to ‘Blog’. This means your Showit site will treat this page as your home. By doing this, visitors will land here when they enter your site.

Showit how to set blog page as home


Step 2: Set The New Page As The Homepage

Ready to make your blog page the star of your Showit site? It’s simple. First, navigate to the Showit dashboard and click on the ‘Settings’ gear icon. With ‘Settings’ open, locate the ‘Reading’ section to tweak your site’s display. Within ‘Reading’, you’ll find the ‘Front page displays’ option. This is where the magic happens. Click and select your desired blog page to be the new homepage for your website. By doing so, visitors will land directly on your engaging blog content.

Customize The Blog Home Page

Customizing the blog home page on Showit makes your site stand out. Start by adding a striking header image. This creates a visual impact immediately. Next, changing the layout is crucial for a user-friendly experience. Consider the site’s purpose. Align the layout to match your creative vision. Adding widgets boosts functionality. Select widgets that provide value to visitors. Place them thoughtfully to enhance, not clutter, the page.
Showit how to set blog page as home


Showit how to set blog page as home


Frequently Asked Questions For Showit How To Set Blog Page As Home

How Do You Write A Blog Homepage?

Begin with a catchy heading that includes your target keywords. Create a concise welcome message that conveys the blog’s purpose. Highlight key categories or recent posts to guide readers. Ensure a clear navigation structure. Include a call-to-action encouraging engagement or subscriptions.

How Do I Change My Default Homepage In WordPress?

To change your default homepage in WordPress, navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Reading’ and select your preferred page from the ‘Homepage’ dropdown menu. Save changes to apply to your new homepage.

How Do I Customize My Blog Page?

To customize your blog page, access your blogging platform’s theme settings, select ‘Design’ or ‘Appearance,’ choose ‘Customize,’ and modify elements like layout, colors, fonts, and widgets as desired. Save changes and preview your page to ensure the desired look.

How Do I Create A Blog Page On Showit?

To create a blog page on Showit, choose a blog template or start a new page, customize your design, add your content, and publish when ready. Connect your domain to go live.


Wrapping up, and setting your Showit blog page as the homepage is straightforward. With this guide, you’ve mastered the necessary steps. Remember to keep your design engaging and user-friendly to capture visitors’ attention. Dive in, customize your site, and watch your online presence grow.

Embrace the simplicity of Showit and make that first impression count!

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